hi! i'm kristi lynn...

texas girl born & raised. visionary. creative artist. furniture designer. mom of 3 amazing young men. a romantic. a dreamer. a lovera fighter.  crushin'  on one handsome man. self taught DIY'er. fav color turquoise. bestcreations with loud music & dancingwood, paint, & power tools excite me. pinterest junkie. obsessed with thrift stores, auctions, yard sales. scrap is not crap. dumpster diver curb stalker extraordinaire. addicted to social media. passion for creating masterpieces out of not-so-fabulous-pieces. believer that no one is ordinary. we are all extraordinary...  as are your home furnishings. creator of colorful, eclectic, fun, bold, & sassy pieces that are truly one.of.a.kind just like you. painting is cheap therapy. i see true beauty in all things.  vintage furniture rocks. repurposing is an art. perfection is overrated. perfect imperfection is where it's at. 
   "The only way to do
      great work is to love                                what you do." 
                  ~ Steve Jobs

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